Federal skilled worker class

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The Canadian immigration express entry program is the fast track immigration system for the candidates. People who are applying for permanent residence in Canada often fall into the category. Similarly, there are economic programs that are available under this category. The express entry system is divided into:

  1. Federal skilled worker class
  2. Federal skilled Trade class
  3. Canada experience class

In this article, we will discuss specifically the Federal skilled worker class. So, if you are living in an economically deprived country and you want a secure future for yourself and your family. Then, Canadian immigration is the best solution for it. If you are wondering how to get Canadian immigration? Then, we have a solution for you. Stay connected to the article and get some basics about the whole process.

The federal skilled worker class falls under the three categories of express entry system. Likewise, to other classes, the federal skilled worker class is used to apply for permanent residence in Canada. The classes lie below the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). In this system, draw points are made under the express pool entry. The CRS commonly termed as Canadian immigration points rank the candidates through the draw points. The applicants can also calculate their points via the Canadian immigration points calculator.

The detailed description of the whole program is explained.

  1. Canadian Immigration Requirements

The minimum requirements that the candidate must meet are:

  • Work experience
  • Language fluency
  • Education
  • Proof of financial stability
  • Residence in Canada

The whole grid has 100 points out of which 67 points are mandatory to obtain.

  1. Work experience

The candidate applying for the skilled worker class must have the work experience for the specific tenure to ensure that the worker is eligible to work in any organization or firm or across the country. The Canadian government has set up minimum eligibility criteria for each requirement. Likewise, the skilled work experience suggests that a candidate must have worked under any of the National Occupational Professions (NOP) job groups.

The skillset for the job types are:

  • Management jobs (skill type 0)
  • Professional jobs (skill type A)
  • Technical jobs (skill type B)

The skillset for the job types is obtained from the Canadian immigration official website.

As explained in your statements, your work experience should be in the concerned area or the job experience must be under the NOP group. Similarly, the requirements for the work experience are:

  • The primary occupation should be the same as written in your immigration form.
  • Work experience within the last 10 years
  • Paid job (unpaid internships or volunteer work not accepted)
  • Full-time job for a minimum tenure of 1 year (continuous)
  • 30 hours per week work rate for full time
  • For part-time 15 hours per week

The CRC scoring for Canadian immigration is listed:

  • 6 or 6+ years (15 points)
  • 4-5 years (13)
  • 2-3 years (11)
  • 1 year (9)

The maximum points are 15.

  1. The Language fluency

The language ability of the candidate is also another determinant of the CRS points. Another question is asked that, for Canadian immigration which IELTS is required? The candidates undergoing the immigration process are suggested to take the IELTS general training test. The candidate must take the approved language proficiency tests like IELTS. The language proficiency tests assess the reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Level 7 is the minimum level for the Canadian language benchmark (CLB) which makes you eligible. The point equivalency of CLB for IELTS is:

CLB 7: If the band score in each module is 4, then it rates CLB level 7. The points obtained are then 4.

CLB 8: If the band score in each module is 5, then it rates CLB level 8. The points obtained are then 5.

CLB 9: If the band score in each module is 6, then it rates CLB level 9. The points obtained are then 6.

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  1. Education

The minimum bachelor’s level of education or equivalent Canadian diploma is accepted. For foreign applicants, they must have:

  • A complete degree
  • Equivalency from an assessing organization.

Several assessing bodies in Canada provide credential assessments.

  1. WES
  2. ICAS
  • IQAS
  1. CES
  • Qualification

The qualification of the applicant also plays the main role in increasing the pool entry points.

The assessments you may get for the degrees are listed:

  1. 14 years of education (Bachelor’s equivalency)
  2. 2 years Bachelors B.Sc. and 2 years M.Sc. (Dual degree assessment) There are strong chances that the assessment institute might give equivalency of diploma.
  • 16 years (BS HONS.) Bachelor’s equivalency
  1. 18 Years (Master’s) master’s equivalency
  • Points:
  1. Doctoral (Ph.D.): 25 points
  2. Masters: 23 points
  3. More than two post-secondary levels (3 years’ program): 22 points
  4. BS Hons degree: 21 points
  5. BA or B.sc degree: 19 points
  6. Post-secondary degree (1 year)/diploma: 15 points
  7. Secondary school: 5 points

The points are listed according to the Canadian immigration policy.

  1. AGE
  • The points for the age group between 18-35 are 12. Whereas, 12 is the highest score.
  • The score decreases by each increment till 47.
  • The points for the age of 47 or above are 0, which is the least score.
  1. Proof of financial stability

The applicant must provide enough financial status to make sure that, the applicant is rich enough to bear the expenses of the family.

Funds required for family members:

1 Member: $12,960

Additional family member: $3,492

The proof amount must be provided in the form of the official and original banking statements.

  1. Residence in Canada

You must not possess any criminal record or not have any medical inability.

  • The additional points which one can get are:
  • Your previous experience in Canada: 10 points
  • Spouse work experience: 5 points
  • Prior study in Canada: 5 points
  • Employment (Arranged in Canada): 5 points
  • Spouse’s language proficiency: 5 points
  • Relatives: 5 points

If your spouse or you have any of the relations who are Canadian citizens may help you in achieving 5 points. The relations are parents, grandparents, siblings, child, grandchild and niece/nephew.

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