Canada, as one of the world’s most industrialized nations, draws a significant number of immigrants from all over the world. Being the world’s second-largest country, its incredible geographic features attract millions of tourists from all over the world. Over 35 million foreigners are accepted in Canada each year. Whenever we think of traveling to some other country, our first concern is the visa requirement. Just like any other developed country, you’ll need a valid visa to enter Canada.

In this article, we will be discussing in detail about the options any foreign national has if he/she plans to settle in Ontario, which is Canada’s most populated province.
The province of Ontario is located in central Canada. It is spread over an area of 1.076 million km², which accounts for 10.8% of Canada’s total area, making it the second-largest province of Canada. This province includes 52 cities, which are home to 14.57 million people. The capital of Canada, Ottawa, is also located in Ontario. Ontario’s provincial capital is Toronto, which is the most populous city in Canada.
Immigrating to Canada is considered a great opportunity all over the world, particularly because of the experiences and opportunities Canada has to offer. Canada welcomes millions of immigrants every year from all over the world. In this article, we will be discussing the pathways that you must know if you are aspiring to move to Ontario.

The government of Ontario provides foreign nationals who aspire to move to Ontario, an opportunity to fulfill their wish through the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP).

 Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP):

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program is operated by the government of Ontario in collaboration with the Federal Government of Canada. Through this program, the government allows foreign nationals, who want to work or study in Ontario, a chance to reside permanently in Canada.
The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program has three streams through which the interested candidates can apply. These three streams are as follows:

  • Ontario Human Capital Stream
  • Ontario Employer Job Offer Stream
  • Ontario Business Stream

These three streams are explained below:

  1. Ontario Human Capital Stream:
    Ontario Human Capital Stream is a part of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program. Through this stream, the government focuses on working people and skilled labor that can fill up the shortage in Ontario’s labor force. This stream has been further divided into many categories and the candidates have to apply accordingly. The candidates applying for this stream should be proficient in English, they should have an active Express Entry profile, and they should be educated and skilled enough to work in Ontario to support themselves and their family.
  2. Ontario Employer Job Offer Stream:
    Ontario Employer Job Offer Stream is the second stream being operated under Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program. This stream is also divided into further categories. This stream provides pathways for the foreign nationals who have a valid job offer from an Ontario-based employer (a Canadian citizen). Although, there are some requirements which the employer and the job must meet to be considered. The applicant also has to meet all the requirements, and then apply in the most suitable category under the Ontario Employer Job Offer Stream.
  3. Ontario Business Stream:
    Ontario Business Stream is the third stream of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program. This stream is designed for candidates that belong to the business and corporate sector. The candidates with a record of successful business ventures, entrepreneurs, and other successful businessmen are targeted under this stream and they are allowed to invest in Ontario. They can be further awarded permanent residence if they can successfully start and develop businesses that contribute to the economy of the province.

These are the main pathways offered to foreigners who aspire to settle in Ontario.